Flooring with Pacbld Base or prefinished timber veneer PARKLEX

A secure building board solution or a pre-finished product?

Pacific Build Supply offers both...

PARKLEX has important advantages over traditional wooden floor systems: no sanding, fast installation, little to no maintenance with a SUPERIOR LOW SHEEN SURFACE and 20 colours to choose from.

**The perfect building board for flooring is Pacbld Base. **

Thickness: 20mm

Available sizes 2400 x 1200mm

Parklex 2000

Size: 2450x188

Thickness: 14mm

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Parklex 2000

Size: 2450x290

Thickness: 14mm

Parklex 2000

Size: 2450x590

Thickness: 14mm

Parklex 3000

Size: up to 2400x1200

Thickness: 1mm