Pacbld RWU (Rigid Wall Underlay)

Pacbld RWU (Rigid Wall Underlay offers improved durability, rigidity and technical performance while also being lighter and more workable. Its excellent strength, breathability, moisture- resistance and non-combustibility make it an ideal choice for rigid wall underlay applications. For weathertightness, Pacbld RWU must be used with Pacbld PSM (Peel & Stick Membrane).

We have the option of using the Rigid Wall Underlay as a bracing element using our Bracing Manual and fixing arrangement as well.

Rigid Wall Underlay Advantages

  • Superior weather protection

  • Allows the dwelling to be built in higher wind pressures

  • Allows vapour permeability

  • Forms part of our Fire Rated wall systems

  • Strong and durable

  • Superior water and frost resistance

  • Dimensional stability

  • No delamination

  • Produced under stringent production procedures

  • Easily recyclable

  • Low energy use in the production process

Click here for the Pacbld RWU Specification on Masterspec

Features of Pacbld RWU (Rigid Wall Underlay)

Pacbld RWU (Rigid Wall Underlay) is the most durable fibre cement on the market. It is the most sustainable option to avoid internal condensation, expels water from the cavity and supply a high performing air seal.

Choose between Pacbld RWU (Rigid Wall Underlay)

  • Thickness: 6.0mm & 9.0mm
  • Dimensions: 2400 - 3000 x 1200mm

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