Pacbld Soffits

Pacific Build Supply have some excellent options when it comes to soffit linings. From cost effective options, to no maintenance, pre-finished linings. With 3 different ranges to choose from you can have painted, timber, and concrete finishes. We also have fire rated details available.

Soffit options

Pacbld Refined - Painted or Sealed

Simple cost effective solution that has been proven to work. Pacbld Refined comes with a sanded face ready to be painted or sealed. Looks great with an expressed joint detail to match the fascia as shown below:

Advantages are:

  • Cost effective

  • Stable in external enviroment

  • Low maintenance

  • Quality finish and look

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Pre-Finished Options


Swisspearl is a pre-finished Facade panel produced in Switzerland with Swiss percision, engineering, and innovation. It comes in a wide selection of colours never seen before in this type of facade material.

Advantages and features:

  • Pre-finished, through coloured board

  • Multiple finishes - matte, metallic

  • Available with anti graffiti on certain products

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Parklex is an amazing product for soffit lining. It is a very stable, water resistant, and has nil maintenance requirements for what is a beautiful natural timber look.

Advantages and Features:

True natural timber look with no maintenance requirements

Pre-finished in multiple timber finishes and looks

Stable product

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