Tonality Wall Tiles

Modern, Light-weight, Superior and Durable fired clay tiles

Fired clay tiles are the result of continuous new developments.

Today's modern clay tiles offer the durability that has made them so popular with a great range of colours, dimensions and finishings.

With Tonality, Pacific Build Supply Ltd brings to New Zealand Europe’s leader in clay with the broadest range of possibilities, redesigned for New Zealand climate and unlimited design options.


TONALITY clay wall tiles are the only single layer clay wall tiles in the market, and guarantee a light-weight system with ease of installation and replacement.

  • Light weight, superior even tiles, up to lengths of 1600mm

  • The best surface quality without pinholes or defects

  • Extensive colour range, 3 surface finishes: smooth, pilaster strip or grooved

  • Permanent anti graffiti available

  • Easy installation and replacement

  • Sun louvers available in the same clay in some colours

  • 4 layers of defense against water infiltration

  • Incredible durability, Superior seismic resistance

  • Almost no water absorption, high water and frost resistance

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