XpressClad with Negative Detail

A design favourite

XpressClad cladding with negative details is a design favourite and incredibly expressive cladding option for a modern building. You can achieve so much variation with such a simple system. The building can transform using a range of techniques and panel layout to look tall, flat, monolithic, or the complete opposite and be very complex with depth of colour and texture on a single facade face.

Pacific Build Supply offers a range of cladding products with negative detail, and also offers the options of decorative rainscreens or facades using a combination of Pacific Build Supply systems.

Below is the range of products we can utilise with this system.

Negative Detail options

There is multiple options available to create this stunning look. Below are two of the most popular choices:

Decorative Rainscreen facade

We have multiple options for decorative rainscreen facade's for both residential and commercial dwellings.


Developed by Pacific Build Supply specifically for the New Zealand climate and conditions, it has proven itself a strong, robust and weather tight system time and time again.


Product Selection

Multiple products below can be used

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