One of the most versatile building products availble

Eterpan is a fibre cement board that is one of the preferred solutions for building applications in New Zealand. Due to the unique FLOW ON production process, Eterpan has superior delamination resistance because its reinforcing fibres are evenly distributed through the material and thickness. Eterpan can be used in almost any exterior and interior application as it combines excellent water, frost, mould, impact and delamination resistance.

Eterpan has a proud and distinguished history in New Zealand. Pacbld has focused on being the leaders in innovating better and more effective fibre cement products. Creating a wide variety of incredible building solutions.

Pacbld are proud to say we are the cladding, lining, and fire protection for some of New Zealand largest and most spectacular buildings.

Eden Park

Advantages of Eterpan fibre cement

  • Strong, and durable due to its unique manufacturing process

  • Resistant to imapct and frost

  • No delamination thanks to the manufacturing technique

  • Moist, mould, and water resistant

  • Resistant to insects, termites, and most other vermin

  • Dimensionally stable in water, temperature, and humidity

  • BRANZ assessment for use in exterior claddings of 15 years uncoated and 50 years with a maintained coating

  • Wide variety of thicknesses and applications

  • Easily recyclable and low energy use in production process

  • Easy to work with and install

Pacbld Refined:

The name gives it away, this is our finishing board which offers a noble, easy-to-be-painted sanded surface

Pacbld Base:

This is the backing for many finishing products, its applications is wide and varied including tile/slate underlay, base for stone and brick slips, flooring, fire protection, etc

Pacbld Sidings:

This is a weatherboard version, carries all the advantages of Eterpan as a weatherboard.