Parklex real timber veneer panels

Parklex, a timber veneer façade panel, adhesive-fixed onto XpressClad PX40, by Pacific Build Supply, has been tested to AS/NZS 4284 (can withstand up to 9.75kPa wind-loads)

Parklex timber veneer panels have a huge impact on the look of any design. Being a real timber veneer combined with its extreme high durability, has made it the preferred choice for Pritzker winners as Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid, as well as Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava and more.

Parklex consists of a real timber top layer, that makes it unique and superior above printed artificial copies. The Facade panel has excellent UV durability and weathering resistance are its main features that makes the product a safe yet eye-catching cladding for outstanding projects.

Parklex FACADE has 9 wood veneers and the interior range for Walls and Ceilings are DRY INTERNAL, WET INTERNAL or ACOUSTIC are available in 15 wood veneers.

With Parklex one showcases real wood veneer, no artificial printing.

This is exactly why world class architects choose Parklex.

Parklex wooden veneer

  • Real timber veneer, it is NOT a print or pattern

  • Highly water and humidity resistant

  • Low to nil maintenance

  • High UV resistance

  • Internationally appraised and used by top architects

  • PEFC sustainable policy certificate

  • Low energy use in production process