Competence, Excellence, and Innovation

“Swisspearl®, a through-coloured high-density facade panel, adhesive-fixed onto XpressClad PX40, by Pacific Build Supply, has been tested to AS/NZS 4284 (can withstand up to 9.75kPa wind-loads), has also been tested to AS 5113 (with no vertical spread of fire and no ingress of fire) – Swisspearl® on XpressClad PX40 raises the standard for cladding.”

Swisspearl® facade panels are manufactured with low energy and high environment consciousness. Swisspearl® is 100% environmentally friendly. Swisspearl® is mainly made of local Swiss natural raw materials such as cement, pulverized limestone, water, and air. The proprietary processes pioneered by Swisspearl® with special surface finish, sealed edges and back coating ensure optimal behavior and durability of the panels, which have been proven over 50 years. Furthermore, Swiss construction authorities testify to over forty years as standard life expectancy. Millions of panels installed throughout the world prove the outstanding, reliable long term quality of the facade panels and coating.

100% Environmentally Friendly

Swisspearl® facade panels are manufactured with low energy and a high level of environmental awareness. The manufacturing process based on a closed water cycle and a slow natural 28 days air curing time requires little energy. Within the factory, panels are only transported by electric lifting trucks, - i.e. no colloid dust. The panels are 100 % environmentally friendly since neither the raw materials nor the production process contain any harmful substances.

CARAT panels, Contemporary house, Slovenia


For almost 40 years, Swisspearl®‘s Research & Development teams have continuously expanded their unique expertise regarding fibre cement material technology, coloration and application of whole systems. These significant technological advances are the backbone of the Swiss quality. Swisspearl® is the only manufacturer which masters the highly demanding production processes for integrally colored facade panels offered in such a wide color variety.

CARAT panels on Coastal house, British Columbia, Canada

From any surface to any facade

No space without surfaces. No interior without an exterior. A façade is the defining element of every building. The first, lasting impression. It is the two- and three dimensional expression of architectonic creativity and the leeway available for accentuation and differentiation. Additionally, the façade serves as the protective envelope. Its long service life ensures lasting comfort. Swisspearl® façades combine boundless diversity of design and long-lasting functional reliability, for the highest living standards.

Swisspearl® panels are installed in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This fully developed and proven cladding system effectively protects the building structure and with it the whole building from the elements for decades. The panels are rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free.

Local Projects

CARAT Black opal 7020 - Residential reclad - Christchurch