Tonality clay tiles

TONALITY is produced by Tonality GmbH, Europe's leading manufacturer for clay roof and cladding products. Tonality GmbH is manufactured in Germany, where the Weroth plant showcases the newest automated production technology, necessary to guarantee the highest product quality. The pure Westerwald clay in combination with the unique KERALIS firing process, results in the superior surface quality and strength of the tiles.

TONALITY is offered in more than 50 colours, with natural clay surfaces or glazed and glossy surfaces.

Tonality has a unique profile that allows for simply hanging of the tiles onto profiles. An anti-theft system is available, as well as solutions for soffits, staggered patterns and more.

Pacific Build Supply Ltd has acquired and further developed the German ADS system over a 40mm cavity with sealed vertical joints.

Advantages of Natural clay tiles TONALITY

  • Highest surface quality

  • Only single layered tile in the market with low weight and ease of installation.

  • Huge amount of colours and surface finishings

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Up to 2000mm long tiles!

  • Excellent fire behaviour

  • Hanging system designed in New Zealand with weathertight vertical joints

  • Permanent anti graffiti is available

  • Produced under stringiest automated conditions

  • Internationally appraised and used by top architects

  • Easily recyclable

  • Natural ingredients