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Since its inception in 1994, Pacbld (Pacific Build Supply Ltd) was special, with a unique and first-hand understanding of both cladding and passive fire protection, and their synergy. Pacbld set out to lead the market in this digital age with products and systems designed for the high-rise, modernized, globalized, and environmentally conscious world.


Pacbld itself is 100% NZ owned and operated, and as a truly NZ company we have a deep appreciation for both Quality Assurance and Environmental Sustainability. To us, a building's facade is not just it's face, but it's skin - as such, the facade is a vital organ, the largest organ of the body, and one that needs to breathe.


Pacbld is dedicated to continually striving toward excellence in both Quality Assurance and Environmental Sustainability. We believe that being excellent in one requires being excellent in both - that they are symbiotically intertwined. That by managing the quality of one's product and production, one is managing their impact on the environment.

Pacbld works with some leading building materials out of Switzerland, Spain and Germany including Swisspearl, Parklex HPL panels, Tonality ceramic tiles, and a range of Passive Fire Protection products and systems. They are all high-quality products found on some of the most famous architectural buildings in the world.

We can help you find the right product to suit any situation.

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