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Do you have samples you could send us?

Yes absolutely, please get in touch with us on sales@pacbld.com for what products you would like to get samples of.

Are there examples of projects using your materials that I could view locally?

Yes, please refer to our project page to see some excellent examples. You can also contact us on sales@pacbld.com to find out any specific ones in your area.

Can you send us brochures?

Yes absolutely, please get in touch with us on sales@pacbld.com for what product you would like to brochures of. You can also download each brochure on the product pages on this website.

Can you offer on-site technical support? Does this come at a cost?

Yes we can. Please get in touch with us and we can ensure you get the orientation required. It may come at a cost, this is based on a case by case basis due to projects proximity, size of the job, and timing required


Can you powdercoat the XpressClad rails?

Yes you can, but the rails come anodised black or silver so there is extra cost involved in changing this to Powdercoating. You have to take into consideration that we can not apply our adhesive on to powder coating. It is recommended to anodise the rails the desired colour to avoid the adhesive issue.

What centres are the rails installed?

The rails are typically installed at anything from 400mm, 450mm, 600mm crs. Our max distance is 600mm crs, please refer to our manuals to match your rail layout with your site specific wind zone.

What is the typical layout I should set-out to?

You have to take into account 4 main things:

1. 10mm negative

2. The architects plans and intentions

3. We do not notch our panels around windows or penetrations.

4. For full panels we recommend you trim the width to 1190mm wide so you can keep to stud centres and add your 10mm negative.

Once you have these sorted your layout should fall into place.

Do I need studs & nogs behind the XpressClad rails?

Yes, or solid blocking as your screw centres are at maximum 250mm centres.

Can I join XVR rails?

Yes, but please leave a 3mm expansion gap.

You can run the XPF pocket filler past the joint and butt these tight to each other.

Can I join XZR rails?

Yes, these can be joint but please leave a 3mm expansion gap.

Why are expansion gaps necessary?

Aluminium expand and contract 1mm for every 1m of length, so we typically leave 3mm for the full length rails.

Does XpressClad have LRV restrictions?

No, XpressClad is adhesive fixed so we do not have any LRV restrictions.

Can I use flexible wall underlays with PacBld XpressClad systems?

Yes, flexible wall underlay is acceptable, but this must be approved by Pacbld if you require a full system warranty at the end of the project.

Ramco Hilux

Is Ramco & Hilux the same product? If so, why is it known by these two names?

The true brand name is Ramco Hilux. Ramco is a parent group company and Hilux is the division of the company that produces the board range. So the 2 names always go together.

What is Ramco Hilux made of?

Ramco Hilux is a Calcium Silicate board.

Can I use Hilux externally?

Yes, Hilux is suitable for external use. It does require a paint system / coating to seal it to achieve its intended durability externally.

Do the edges need to be sealed?

Yes when used externally or in wet areas we recommend sealing the edges.

What is its fire rating?

In a soffit application it can achieve up to a 60/60/60 (please refer to the manual)

In a heat shield application it is incombustible, but you need to refer to our heat shield manual to see how this was achieved and what clearances must be maintained.

What thickness is Ramco Hilux? What size is it?

Ramco Hilux comes in a 2440 x 1220mm sheet

3 thicknesses – 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm.

Can you use Hilux in a kitchen or in a wet area?

Yes, it is acceptable in a wet area or kitchen, but will need to be sealed or appropriate heat tolerant membrane used.

Can it be tiled over?

Yes, but please ensure you prepare the surface for the heat tolerant tile adhesive or membrane to adhere correctly to it.


Is Swisspearl stocked?

No, Swisspearl is a indent only product. It typically has a 16 -20 week lead time.

What size is Swisspearl?

Swisspearl is 8mm thick and comes in 2 lengths – 2510mm and 3050mm and 1250mm wide.

12mm thick is also available for special applications.

Do I need to use your Swisspearl blade to cut Swisspearl?

We highly recommend the Swisspearl blade for a better result, but it is not necessary. You do require a fibre cement finishing blade of high quality that is tungsten carbide or toothless diamond finished.

What do I seal Swisspearl with?

Swisspearl comes with LUKO sealer in the pallets. You run this along any cut edge to seal it. Do not get this on the front face, wipe it off immediately.

Does the LUKO sealant come with the Swisspearl?

Yes, you will find it on the bottom left hand side of the Swisspearl pallet. If you run out of LUKO please get in touch to reorder.

Can I paint over Swisspearl?

We do not recommend painting over Swisspearl. The board is a prefinished sealed product. It will be likely the paint will not stick to the surface, and any modifications to the board will void your warranty.

Shera Board

Do you supply 4.5 – 6mm sheets?

We supply 6mm and up. We have discontinued the 4.5mm.

Product Related

What are the sheets made of?

Depending on which product you are looking for please refer to each products specific page, but for a simple break down:

  • Swisspearl – High Density Fibre Cement
  • Parklex – High Pressure Laminated Panel – with Timber Veneers
  • Shera – Medium density Fibre Cement
  • Hilux – Calcium Silicate

What thickness do the sheets come in?

It varies greatly between products, but most common sizes are: 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm. Please refer to each products page to get the exact dimensions.

What sheet sizes are available?

It varies greatly between products, but most common sizes are: 2400mm, 2440mm, 2510mm, 3000mm, 3060mm. Widths 1200mm, 1220mm. Please refer to each products page to get the exact dimensions.

Where are your products sourced form?

It varies product to product, but our main manufacturers are located in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Thailand, China, and India.

What is the difference between Pacbld Base or RWU and Shera RWU?

There is no difference, Pacbld Base and RWU was manufactured by Shera. We have decided to drop the Pacbld brand name and revert to the manufacturers name of Shera to stop any further confusion within the market.

What is the difference between PacBld Base, Refined and RWU and how do I determine which one is best suited to use for my project?

We are now simplifying this branding and dropping the Pacbld name to Shera in which the product offerings are the following:

Shera Board – to be used as an exterior finishing board to be painted / seen

Shera RWU – to be used as Rigid Wall Underlay in conjunction with PSM

Shera Base – to be used as a substrate to other finishes such as tiles, flooring, stone, and brick. Recommend using the reverse rough back face for better adhesion.

What is the warranty on your products?

It may vary product to product or some systems, but in general terms it will likely be 15 years as required by the NZBC. Please refer to each product or application individually for a specific answer.

Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for your products?

Yes, we have MSDS sheets for all products located in the both the ‘Resources’ and ‘Product’ pages.

Can you provide the volume/quantities of product we need to be ordering for our project?

We do not have a Quantity Surveyor (QS) on our staff, so we highly recommend having this done by a professional QS. However, we can help guide you with any questions you may have over components and accessories and where they are positioned / installed.

Are your product’s always available ex stock? Or do we have to place indent orders, if so, what are your time frames?

Yes and No…

A majority of our products are ex stock for small to medium sized jobs. If you have a large commercial project please inform us as early as possible so we can forecast this into our stock levels.

The No bit.. Swisspearl, Parklex, Silbonit, and Tonality are all INDENT ONLY products. The lead times range from 16- 20 weeks.

Can I substitute components when using your system?

No. We do not allow substitution of our components. Our systems such as XpressClad are outside NZBC Acceptable solutions so therefore you are required to use our components to comply with our testing and for us to be able to offer a system warranty these must be purchased as a complete system.

Can I buy the components or accessories direct from other outlets?

No. For Pacific Build Supply to be able to offer you a complete system warranty for the installed system all components must be purchased through Pacific Build Supply regardless of them being the same product, this is a commercial requirement.

Do you sell product suited for around a fireplace? What’s it called?

Yes we do, we offer a heat shield product, it is called Hilux Ramco board, please refer to either the Product or Resource pages.

What is the difference between Eterpan and Shera Board?

Both are medium density fibre cement boards. Shera however is a higher density sheet, therefore more resistant to impact, and water and fire. Shera also has a smoother more monolithic finish to its front face.

What is the difference between Promina and Ramco Hilux?

Both boards are Calcium Silicate boards and come in similar sizes and thicknesses. The major difference is we have fully tested and certified Ramco Hilux boards for NZ standards. Ramco Hilux also has a superior face finish for painting.

Do we stock Eterpan?

No, we have discontinued our supply and association with Eterpan. However, we do offer an alternative product called Shera Board.

Do we stock Promina?

No, we have discontinued our supply and association with Promina. However, we do offer an alternative product called Ramco Hilux.

What board do we use behind tiles or slate?

It is best to use Shera BASE in either 6mm or 9mm, with the rough face facing out for better adhesion. Please refer to our ‘Resource’ page for more information.

Do you have a sealed version of RWU or Base board?

No we do not carry a sealed version supplied from the warehouse anymore.

For RWU:

We have moved to using a peel and stick membrane over our RWU to create a better longevity and security in significant seismic events.

For Tile or Stone substrate:

In these applications we recommend the board is tanked on site before the application of the tile or stone. The membrane will be what’s compatible with the tile or stone being applied.

Can you use 20mm Shera board as a flooring both internally and externally?

Yes, it is an excellent option for either application.

Shipping / Freight

Are shipping costs incuded in the price of the product?

No, we add shipping on to the product price.

Can you deliver to site Nationwide?

Yes, absolutely, please ask us for a quote to proceed.

Can I come and collect product from Pacific Build Supply Ltd Auckland or Christchurch?

Yes, our business hours are:

8am – 4:30pm Monday to Thursday.

8am - 4pm Friday

Please do call first to confirm stock availability.

Shera Weatherboard

Does Shera Weatherboard have LRV restrictions?

No, our Shera Weatherboard does not have LRV restrictions.

Do I need to prime my cuts when installing weatherboard?

Yes, we recommend priming all cuts and exposed edges.

What size are the Shera Weatherboards?

Shera Weatherboard comes in a 4.2m x 180mm x 15mm and has a 150mm effective cover.

Can I use flexible wall underlays with Shera weatherboards?

Yes, flexible wall underlay is acceptable, but this must be approved by Pacbld if you require a full system warranty at the end of the project.

How do I fix Shera Weatherboards?

You are required to predrill and hand nail, please refer to the manual for centres and nail lengths.

Can I gun nail Shera Weatherboards?

No, we do not support this. Please predrill and hand nail.

What are my options for corners?

You can use either corner soakers or boxed corners. Please refer to the Application page or our manual.

Rigid Wall Underlay

Can I use third party rigid wall underlay with Pacbld systems?

Only under certain circumstances where Pacbld RWU system is not able to perform to the projects requirements. You are required to get approval from Pacbld.

Even if approved, we do not guarantee you will be able to achieve compliance with your local council when using certain systems as our systems are outside E2/AS1 acceptable solutions.

What size are you Rigid Wall sheets?

They are either 6mm or 9mm thick, and come in 2400mm x 1200mm or 3000mm x 1200mm.

Do I have to use your tapes and accessories?

Yes, for Pacific Build Supply to provide a warranty we must supply all components of the system.

Can it be screwed or nailed?

For standard RWU application you can hand nail, for Fire Rated RWU application you are required to screw the RWU.

What is the difference between a RWU and RAB?

They are both the same thing, but R.A.B is a trademarked brand name from James Hardies, the universal name for this application is Rigid Wall Underlay or RWU.

Can it be gun nailed?

No, we do not support gun nailing, please predrill and hand nail.

Does it need to be pre-drilled?

Yes, we recommend its predrilled.

What distances are the fixings?

Please refer to our RWU manual but typical distances are 150mm around the perimeter, and 150mm in the centre and nogs. Please see the specific layout on the RWU manual.

Do the edges need to be sealed?

No, you are covering the RWU with a PSM and tapes around all openings.

Why is the PSM required?

The Shera RWU is not sealed, and when combined with the PSM it provides a E2/AS1 solution for behind any claddings. In the event of an earthquake the PSM will also provide more durability from cracking of the RWU and keep your building weathertight for longer.

Do we have to use your PSM?

Yes, we have done all our testing with our specific PSM. We cannot guarantee you compliance or performance with any other.

Do you have to use your fire sealant?

Yes absolutely, all fire rated walls have to use the exact specification we have tested with.

How should I handle penetrations that are needed?

Proclima Roflex for pipes. Kaflex for Cables. Naideck for fixings.

For Fire-rated walls, we do not support any penetrations through our fire-rated walls, refer to you fire engineer.

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