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Heat shield using Ramco Hilux
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High Fire Resistance

Domestic solid fuel burning appliances installed in either domestic or commercial situations, and flue systems are required to be installed as per Acceptable solution AS NZS 2918 to meet NZBC Code compliance. To reduce manufacturer’s minimum clearances or provide protection for heat-sensitive materials, a heat shield or a heat-resistant material must be installed.

Ramco Hilux board has been tested to Appendix C of AS NZS 2918. Therefore it can be used in locations where a heat-shield or heat-resistant material is required.


Product Sizes

Thicknesses: 9mm, 12mm or 16mm

Dimension: 2440 x 1220mm

Finish: Requires a paint system or

finish with lightweight ceramic tiles

ramco hilux.jpeg
Amazing Features
& Benefits

Lightweight and easy to install

Low density with high impact strength

Dimensional stability

Water, fungus and rot resistant

Features & Benefits

Installation Uses

Hilux Heat shield 3D.PNG
As Heat Shield

When used as a Heat Shield, Hilux board must be fixed spaced off the heat-sensitive material (internal lining/framing), to provide an air gap behind the Heat Shield to allow ventilation and reduce heat build-up, as per AS NZS 2918. Ventilation air gaps at the top and bottom of the Heat Shield must also be provided and must not be closed or blocked off.

Hilux Fireplace 3D.PNG
Above Built-in Fireplaces

Hilux is a Heat resistant material and can be used on the front face around in-built fireplaces that are installed with a zero clearance kit. Minimum clearance to Heat-sensitive materials and thickness required must be as per selected appliances manufacturer's instructions.


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