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Parklex merge with Prodema and add Soffit only range

Parklex has combined with Prodema and this is what they have to say:

PARKLEX PRODEMA is the merger of two international brands, specialized in coverings for architecture. For decades, they were competitors in the architecture, interior design, and construction industry. The union between these two brands is our new future, because we believe that union, today (on this new international stage), is the best formula to keep growing and innovating.

Together, we have designed new textures. Together, we are designing new materials: more beautiful, more resistant, and more efficient, in order to provide them for the architecture of the future, whose goal is to provide for life on a planet where resources are finite.

Together, our purpose is to build a world we can better inhabit.

This merger is great news for all our clients as it adds a larger range of colours and finishes. One of the most exciting additions is the Soffit only option.

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