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Large scale BS8414 test - protecting timber frame with XpressClad PX40

Following recent changes to C/AS2 and C/VM2 in November 2020, all projects over 10 metres in height must use a cladding assembly (including cladding, insulation, framing etc.) where all elements are deemed to be non-combustible. If not (e.g if using timber structure) an Intermediate or Large-scale test to support that entire assembly is needed to meet the new requirements.

In July 2018 Pacific Build Supply undertook large-scale testing of our XpressClad PX40 system with Swisspearl cladding to standard BS8414.2. The successful results were classified to BR135 which is now recognised by C/AS2 & C/VM2 as a means to demonstrate compliance.

You can see from the photos below that we tested using timber framing. Our success in this large-scale test therefore means we have the proof BCA’s require, that it is possible to protect the timber.

Subsequent to this large-scale test, we have a new BRANZ Technical Opinion FC14050 that supports our various versions of the XpressClad cladding system meeting the new requirements of C/AS2 clause 5 for vertical fire spread.

For more information please also see our XpressClad PX-40 page.

You can also contact us here for more information:

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