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as rigid wall underlay / rigid sheathing / air barrier

The advantages of having a PSM over the Shera RWU is should there be any seismic movement which may cause sheets to crack, the PSM remains intact and the wall underlay or weathertightness is not compromised. This may not be the case for wall underlays that rely on pre-sealing rigid wall sheets and taped joints. The combined Shera RWU and PSM also provides better hygrothermal performance.

Pre-Cladding Medium Density Fibre Cement Sheet

Shera RWU (Board), combines the durability, rigidity and technical characteristics of cement while also being lighter and more workable. Its excellent strength, breathability, moisture-resistance and non-combustibility make it an idea choice for rigid wall applications behind various cladding systems. 

For weathertightness, sheet must be over-fixed with a Peel & Stick Membrane (PSM).

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Amazing Features
& Benefits

Easy to install

Up to 120min FRR with a Pacbld Cladding system

Can be used for buildings situated in NZS 3604 Wind Zones up to and including Extra High.

Can be exposed up to 180 days

Fire, water and rot resistant

Provide structural bracing

Part of XpressClad facade system that passed BS8414-2 Fire Test

15 year system warranty*

PSM Benefits

Full self-adhered membrane

Isolates leaks caused by accidental damage or penetrations

Ultimate resistance against extreme wind gusts

Features & Benefits
General Installation
Vertical Joint
  • Shera RWU must be installed dry.

  • Fix with 40x2.8mm Stainless Steel Clouts.

  • Shera RWU to be jointed over solid framing.

  • Butt joint all sheets with a 1-2mm gap.

  • Seal over all sheet joints and surface with PSM.

Shera RWU Sheet Layout.png
Sheet Layout
  • Stagger Sheet Layout is allowed and recommended for Shear Walls.

  • Do not notch any sheets around openings. Must align and/or add horizontal or vertical joints, to reduce risk of sheets cracking in the corners.

General Installation
Corner Fixing

Edge Fixing Distance

Min. 12mm

Corner Fixing Distance

50mm horizontally

150mm vertically

Typical Fixing Pattern

General Fixing

Max. 150mm centres

Fixed with-

40x2.8mm Stainless Steel Clouts

Hand Nail Only!  DO NOT Gun Nail!

Standard RWU
  • Fixed with 40x2.8mm Stainless Steel Clouts.

  • Entire face over-fixed with a PSM.

  • Sikaflex AT-Facade sealant used in joints where required.

Bracing RWU
  • GIB Handibrac Anchor & M12 Bolts at bottom plate as required for bracing rating.

  • Select suitable Shera RWU thickness as required.

Fire-Rated RWU
  • Substitute Sikaflex AT-Facade for Sikaflex -400 Fire Sealant for better fire-resistance.

  • Selection suitable Shera RWU thickness to achieve required fire-rating.

  • Add Insulation as required as well.

Bracing & Fire-rated
Shera Board 9x1200x2400.jpg

Product Sizes


6mm or 9mm


2400 mm x 1200 mm

3000 mm x 1200 mm

Product Dimensions

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