Bevel-back fibre cement weatherboard

Classic New Zealand Style using Modern Materials

Weatherboards are one of the safest and most sustainable products in exterior cladding. As a fibre cement product, Shera Weatherboard excel over timber weatherboards because of their durability, finish and resistance to fire, water and rotting.

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Perfect Combination

Classified as a light wall cladding, it is suitable for residential and light commercial type buildings.


Also, perfect for multi-unit residential projects, especially when used in conjunction with our XpressClad cladding.


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Amazing Features
& Benefits

Easy to install, paint & maintain

Can be used anywhere in NZ

Compliance with BRANZ Appraisal

Low maintenance

Fire, water and rot resistant

Up to 60min FRR

Classified as a Light Wall Cladding

15 year Product Warranty


Deep Shadow Lines

Shera Weatherboard has a bevel-back perfect for overlap application. It is available in 15mm thick, 180mm high with a smooth surface ready for paint application.

With a min. lap of 30mm, the 180mm Profile gives a 150mm effective cover. A storey rod is always recommended to keep all laps and cover consistent.


Paint any colour

Unlike traditional timber weatherboards, fibre cement weatherboards have no LRV restrictions. The weatherboard can be painted any colour you wish.

Branz Appraisal 997.JPG

BRANZ Appraisal No. 997

Shera Weatherboard fixed over a drained cavity has been appraised as an external wall cladding for buildings below 10m

Can be used for buildings situated in NZS 3604 Wind Zones up to and including Extra High.

External Corner Options
Aluminium Corner Soaker

An aluminium corner soaker can be used to create a clean modern finish to your design. With a quick etch, it is ready to paint. At a distance, looks like a mitred corner finish but with better weather tightness.

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Boxed Corner

Cover your corners with fibre cement strips to create a solid contrast with the weatherboards and highlight the verticals and corners. Use 15mm thick fibre cement sheet, and cut to suit on site for your selected cover width.

Aluminium Back Soaker at Joints

Weatherproof joints with a hidden Aluminium Back Soaker, with sealant applied between ends of the boards. Leave sealant proud and allow it to completely cure before trimming off.


Joints shall be positioned between studs, min. 100mm away from timber stud.


Stagger joints at a min. 600mm from joints in the adjacent board.

Face Fixing

Shera Weatherboards are face fixed through the cavity battens and wall underlay, into the framing at max. 600mm centres with Stainless Steel Jolt Head Nails.


Always ensure the correct nail length is selected to ensure min. framing penetration is achieved.

Always pre-drill nail holes to suit diameter of selected nail size and hand nail.

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