Premium Through Colour Panels 
Uncompromised texture and finish

Swisspearl for interior lends a fascinating quality and atmosphere to the room that is being designed, in a surprising new way. The fiber cement material with its delicate surface texture and the carefully matched full-body color, lend the Swisspearl panels an unmistakable uniqueness, with their pleasant natural appearance and surface feel. What is more, their beneficial physical properties mean that they are extremely tough, durable and fire-resistant, so they are long-lasting, reliable and problem-free.

Not just a flat panel...

Swisspearl has the advantage of being through colour, this provides the opportunity to work in more than just a flat panel layout. The panels can be perforated, engraved, and even curved if done right. 


Beyond the wall... 

Swisspearl is a durable high density fibre cement sheet. It doesn't always have to be used on the wall or ceiling. We have had success with it as counter tops, joinery facings, and feature pieces. 

Example Projects


Something special for your interior


Finishes and Colours

The Swisspearl facade panels get their independence through countless finishes and colours that offer seemingly limitless diversity. Below is the surface and colour options.


Unique natural look and timeless beauty

Base panel: Integrally coloured / Through-coloured

Top layer: Translucent lightly pigmented

Colours: 25

Special HR - coating option

Carat HR has a special coating that offers increased scratch resistance to the standard Carat and protection against heavy soiling and graffiti.

Carat HR available in all standard Carat colours.

SP #6.jpg

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Sample sizes: 83 mm x 195 mm x 8 mm

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