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The ceramic natural façade 

Natural clay of TONALITY

Naturally versatile – this is how the ceramic facade of TONALITY presents itself. With a wide range of colours, surfaces and formats, there is no limit to the design of facades. Their low dead weight allows for a light substructure as well as flexible and quick installation. In all, the high-quality ceramic facades are simply efficient.

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Amazing Features
& Benefits
Features & Benefits

High flexibility for a variable design of joints.

The TONALITY adaptive system (ADS) can be attached to a horizontal or vertical primary substructure. The TONALITY ADS vertical profiles are available in system depths of 46 mm, 56 mm and 66 mm. TONALITY adaptive vertical profiles accept either joint profiles with closed, fine or open joints or end profiles without joints. Left and right-hand external corner profiles are available for mitred corners. The TONALITY 30 x 30 mm external corner profile is used for open corners with profiles of 56 and 66 mm system depths. Reveal and lintel profiles are available for fixing tiles in window and door areas.


As individual as your ideas.

The use of TONALITY ceramic facades will lead to the creation of expressive buildings, which will meet the highest requirements with regard to aesthetics, fire protection, durability and workability.

Whether it’s a new building or a renovation you are dealing with – TONALITY ceramics distinguishes itself through its natural and aesthetic appearance as well as its flexible and quick installation.


With different colours, formats and surfaces, they open up individual possibilities of façade design for architects and planners. The long-lasting colour fastness and UV resistance as well as the integrated graffiti protection will assure a consistent high-quality appearance.

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Product Description


Tile depth is: 

22mm  or 26mm


Any variable between:



various surface finishes and colours

(refer below)

Product Description
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Finishes & Colours

Finishes and Colours

TONALITY takes nature as its model. Choose from over 50 standard colors and designs. And if you desired one is missing from this wide range, almost any shade can be realized as a special development by demand. Permanent color und UV-resistance, however, remain standard, logicaly.


Natural Brick Dark Colours

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