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Flawless Expressed jointed soffit

Express Joint Uniformity

XpressClad Soffit (PXS) takes the 20mm XpressClad cladding system and flips it horizontally, creating the same deep negative detail finish and allow for natural ventilation.


XpressClad PXS incorporates an anodised aluminium rail support system to achieve a 20mm cavity depth. A quick and easy install on standard NZS 3604 timber framing.


Cladding panels are attached to the support rails with the concealed adhesive fixing system and minimal fail-safe rivets, creating a clean and stunning finish.


Select from prefinished panels offered in a large range of colours and surface textures only requiring low maintenance or a plain panel ready for the site applied finish of your choice.


XpressClad PXS is highly recommended for projects already featuring XpressClad facades, as designers can create seamless wall to soffit or soffit to fascia connections.

PXS is suitable for both exterior and interior application, perfect for smooth outside inside transition.


The XpressClad PX40 system is not only cost effective and durable, it can also be used anywhere in New Zealand including coastal locations and up to extreme wind pressures. Making it suitable for both residential and commercial buildings of any height.

Amazing Features
& Benefits

Create a uniform look with XpressClad wall systems

Designed to install on standard NZS 3604 timber framing

Adhesive fixed with few fail-safe fixings per panel

Suitable for buildings over 10m, in conjunction with a PS1

15 year system warranty

Perfect for raking soffits requiring drainage / ventilation

No double framing required at vertical expressed joints

Maintenance free when used with a Prefinished Cladding panel

Anodized Aluminium support rails and components provide 50 year service life

Features & Benefits

Cladding Panel Options

Panel Options

High Quality Fibre Cement Panel

Prefinished Product = No Maintenance

Large range of colours and finishes

Indent Product


Approx. Density

Suitable for Fire Rated Walls

Manufactured in Switzerland


HPL core with Real Wood Veneer

Prefinished Product = No Maintenance

Large range of colours and finishes

Indent Product


Approx. Density